The Cabin In The Woods, Cornwall

Feb 15th Sunday, Journal of the Plague, day 2:

I woke up very early in the middle of birdsong. As long as the curtains are shut it's very nice, the air smells sweet. I had forgotten to take the two birthday bottles of fizz out of the freezer, when we didn't feel like celebrating, and the cheap one had burst. Woken again at six thirty by P. Mayes, we managed to get to the office in time (open 9am-10am) and a result!! The man said at once that we could have cabin 22, up the hill out of the way, away from dogs and away from Party Central. Terrific! We then transported ourselves, with no accidents except a few muddy footprints on the sheets. We (P&G) left G&P in charge of 22 while we brought stuff up, they let a robin in and then panicked because they couldn't get it to fly out. We moved all our stuff. Exhausting! For the rest of the day Gabriel was ill in bed. First I stayed with him while Peter and Pattison went out exploring. Then I went and took Siang for a short walk (towards Herodsfoot), she was shivering but liked it. Then I went and did the Blue Walk by myself. It was very beautiful and peaceful. I saw the kingfisher. On the top path there was a thrush singing, very soft misty evening light; I came down by the path to the troll bridge that I remembered from when Gabriel was eighteen months old. When I was looking after Gabriel I read him the love story of a spud. The picture of the spud was the best bit. We played scrabble and Peter won.

Falling Leaf