(La Cenerentola)

  I took an instant camera with me to Poland, but sadly was too self-conscious to whip it out at the British Council sessions so you'll just have to take my word for the blue cake, the very suspicious green drink (not to mention the even more suspicious vicious dogs), the tasty carrot cake I sampled on Radio Bis (Hello Justyna!), where I advised Varsovians to try Shropshire Blue Cheese and Piccallili (sp?). And for the friendly receptions I had from the students both at the Jagiellonian, and at Warsaw Uni. It was one of the more thrilling moments of my life, when I found myself teaching (!) science fiction (the concept of the sublime....and off we go, heading for Lem via Kafka) at the University where, so they say, Copernicus studied. Many thanks to the British Council for inviting me, for my dear Anna for being my minder, and everyone at Jerusalem Avenue & Rynek Glowny.