Cover by Tom Canty
ed. Stephen Pasechnik; Edgewood Press 1995

Genesis:2:21-22 (Adam's rib). The lesson of this reading is myths are lies. Of course men do not give birth to women. It is women who give birth to men, and so it has always been. The writer of Genesis had what seemed to him good reasons for defying commonsense in his myth of origins. The fact remains that his account is no guide to the natural world. Human cultures the world over have treasured bizarre stories like this. They are not worthless. Their relationship to the truth is complex, profound - and endlessly fascinating to analysts of the devious history of the human mind. Yet still, myths are lies. We know this, but we forget. Fantasy writers, who claim to be the modern mythmakers, should remind themselves, occasionally. If we really are the unacknowledged soul-builders of our culture, then we're probably lying too. . . more.

Once upon a time there was a country where the mountains were so high that navigators of the coastlands far away took the gleaming of their icy peaks for constellations in the night sky. . . (The Snow Apples). I first wrote these hybrid tales when I was nineteen, as a form of fortune-telling for my friends, and carried them around for years, getting a few into print, cannibalising them a little on the way. (The Snow Apples is a precursor of Divine Endurance). The collection won two World Fantasy awards in 1996.


La Cenerentola
mirror mirror. . . technology sufficiently
advanced that it takes the place of magic

In The Forest Of The Queen
An Adventure: from this terrible battleground
to a future where life is sweet.

The Grass Princess
It's tough being enchanted, and hard work being a hero

The Flame Is Roses
The Information Space Story, featuring Tom Eliot

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