baltic sardines

The Vampire

     (An Internet Romance)

He admired her wit; guessed at beauty. At first she spoke through software agents, soon her blood was sweet. She was a princess, he a creature of the night. The virtual world was their wonderland, their passion was exquisite, they agreed to meet. His prey could be a hairy-fisted trucker, what does the body matter? Souls unite.The restaurant was bright, cool fountains played. He wore his cape, she wore the wreath of flowers she had promised. He saw her eyes light up with joy, but he walked away forever. She was twelve years' old, and he was not a monster.

   FINNCON 2004 Jyväskylä: July 10th-11th
A visit to the lakes

corn lake flowers

nordic flowers

dead dogs

mother and child

Finnish fastfood,with
Tino, Jonathan and a little bit of dear Käthi
A last trip to Observatory Ridge, in the early morning. Sadly I never made it to Lake Doom
Seven swans and seven crows: it must be magic back