Bold As Love and Castles Made Of Sand (2020 edition) published in paperback, ebook and audio as Gollancz Masterworks. The other Bold As Love titles, newly revised, Midnight Lamp, Band of Gypsys, Rainbow Bridge and The Grasshopper's Child due to follow, initially as Gollancz ebooks

The Aleutian Trilogy (White Queen, North Wind, Phoenix Cafe), Life, and Spirit, plus earlier titles Divine Endurance, Escape Plans, Kairos and Flowerdust also due to come out as Gollancz ebooks (revised e-editions 2020)

Grazing the Long Acre (short story collection; PS Publishing) is available from ebook retailers. The Universe of Things and The Buonarotti Quartet (story collections) are available via The Aqueduct Press in ebook editions. Big Cat (short story collection) is available from the award-winning Newcon Press


Imagination/Space is an Aqueduct Press ebook; Deconstructing The Starships is available from The University of Liverpool Press (Science Fiction Studies). You might be quite shocked at the price.

Print copies of all titles, including Seven Tales and a Fable (fantasy story collection; ed. Steve Pasechnik), are readily available from online marketplaces. You can also buy them from me. Email All profits from my book sales go to Freedom from Torture.




The Ann Halam Ghost Stories (King Death's Garden, The Haunting of Jessica Raven, The Fearman, Crying In The Dark, the Powerhouse, Don't Open Your Eyes, are also readily available. If you're looking for older Ann Halam titles (The Daymaker Trilogy, Ally Ally Aster, The Alder Tree, Dinosaur Junction); or even older Gwyneth Ann Jones titles (The Hidden Ones, Dear Hill, The Influence of Ironwood, Water In The Air), most of these titles are also available, or also due to appear as Gollancz ebooks. If you can't wait, want something you can't find, or are looking for the Barrington Stoke titles, please inquire:


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